Kids in the Garden

Have you had a gardening day with your children yet? Father’s Day Sunday 21st June 2020 I speak from personal experience when I tell you they’ll love it! My dad gave me a corner of the back garden to experiment in when I was about eight years of age, and 62 years later, I stillContinue reading “Kids in the Garden”

Mob Rule Is Law

Covid-19 won’t go away! June 2020 Our fate is in our hands. From here on in here’s what the ‘new normal’ means for us all. We all know by now the world has gone mad and an awful lot of people are worried. Governments are in turmoil, there isn’t going to be any good newsContinue reading “Mob Rule Is Law”


In human terms, Wally my ageing cat would be a pensioner like me. As a seventy-year-old, I wish I was still as agile as he. It was four-thirty, I’d been up long enough to make a steaming brew. Then sit out in the back garden to enjoy the tranquillity and fresh morning air as theContinue reading “Survival”

Baz, in real life?

Is the grandad of Jack Barclay? Or he’d like to be. When I first started writing about, Jack and Billy the Dragon, I was semi-retired and working as the caretaker/site manager at Bilton Community Primary School. It soon became clear to me what a delight it was engaging in small talk with the children atContinue reading “Baz, in real life?”

Dairy Farm Plant Stall

“HO! HO! HO!” Santa say’s, “Christmas is definitely still being celebrated in 2020”. As the usual Aldbrough Xmas Fair is cancelled this year because of “The Rona” Santa’s helper’s thought it would be a great idea for residents to dress up their windows and doors and light the village up with a little bit ofContinue reading “Dairy Farm Plant Stall”

Anyone for Cricket?

In the days of yore, when I was a Bazzette, I enjoyed my sport. One beautiful day in Secondary School, my skinny frame and I, was on the playing field engrossed in a cricket match between class 2a and 2b. Of course, no elf and safety in those days meant playing without protective equipment. IContinue reading “Anyone for Cricket?”